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Update:  This week, I have uploaded the third and final part of my three-part blog entitled “Out of the Body -3: The Tubules of Consciousness” that explores the latest developments in the scientific investigation of consciousness.  Although is the last blog in this series it can be read independently as a stand-alone article which can be accessed from my site menu or opening the URL  https://paran-sci.com/2019/09/23/out-of-the-body-3-the-tubules-of-consciousness. The blog explores the latest theories centred on the generation of consciousness in the  microtubules in brain tubules.  I hope you will enjoy this latest blog on what I think is a crucially important topic.

I have summarized the other main blogs available on this site under four main categories below and I hope this will help you find articles that may interest you using the menu.
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